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artist knitting-a-quilt
Bruce "Doc" Dod doing what he does best. Our battlefield artist at Naperville, Illinois in 2004. The ladies of the 64th (from left to right Mary Gutzke, Diana Gough, Melina McVicker, and Dianna Bierman) work on the quilt we raffled off as a fundraiser at Lake Villa, Illinois in 2004.


troop-cabin sewing

A new addition for 2005. Ken and Diana Gough's living history display the "Logan House" is a stage where they can do various living history displays. Look out! A Union Army foraging party was seen in the area looking for "supplies." Here is Logan House set up at Naperville, Illinois in 2005.

Ken Gough portrays a civilian tailor and the Logan House is his home and workshop. Here we see him working on an antique sewing machine at Naperville, Illinois in 2005.

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