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May 2006

2006 Calendar of Events

May 19-21 Re-enactment at Naper Settlement in Naperville, IL. Potluck to be shared between the 64th and the 26th North Carolina.
May 29 Color Guard Ceremony at Rosehill Cemetery at 9:30 AM
June 2-4 Living History (timeline event) at the Soldiers' Home in Milwaukee, WI
July 7-9 Re-enactment at Wauconda, IL
July 21-23 Re-enactment at Glenview, IL

Remember that you can always find more event details and directions at the unit website, http://www.64thill.org/events/. We also have info on several Civil War dances/formal balls held throughout the year in the area.


At the Naperville re-enactment (May 19-21st) the 64th will be partaking in a potluck with the 26th North Carolina that Saturday night. The 26th have already offered to bring the desserts and Dianna Bierman has already decided on making three hams for the main course, but we still need sides and perhaps even appetizers to really get everyone mouths watering. So please, ladies and gents, if you would put on your best chef's hats and come up with some good ideas, because, if anything, we all love to eat. When you've decided on what kind of dish to bring please let Dianna know through her email at: r-bierman@sbcglobal.net so we don't accidentally end up with twenty different types of taco dip. Thank you.

Support our Troops (or at least one in particular!)
by Melina McVicker

A few weeks ago Ken and Diana Gough received a letter from Carl Stahl from where he is now currently stationed in Iraq and they were kind enough to let me read it. Needless to say, it was pretty upsetting to read, considering that, much in accordance with our worst fears, Carl and his unit have found themselves right smack dab in the middle all the action going on over there. Even worse, the only mail he has received since he was last in the States on leave was what was waiting for him back at the base upon his return. Due to an army post mix-up his mail had not been re-directed to him upon his deployment to Iraq, so for these past several months he had received almost nothing. Well, thanks to the letter he sent Ken and Diana we now have his current military address, so please, if you have any kind words of encouragement for him please write him at this new address:

SPC Carl E. Stahl
TF 1-36
Camp Hit
UNIT # 73301 A-CO 1-6
APO AE 09333-3301

According to Carl morale is at an all-time low for him and his fellow soldiers, so can we please do our part and let us know that we still appreciate what he is doing for us? No matter what you might think of the war or about politics in general we still need to support our men and women in arms for they are putting themselves at great risk in order for us to do the simple things in our everyday lives. Back during the Civil War support from the home front was vital, and nowadays it is no different. Just a few kind words can make all the difference. Thanks again.

Western Brigade Congress Report
by Scott Gutzke

On April 8, 2006, Mary and I attended the Western Brigade Congress at Lincoln Home Historic Site in Springfield. The 64th Illinois is considering joining this unit so we will have an organization to participate with at national re-enactment when the 1st Illinois Battalion is not going. (The 1st Illinois Battalion is not a member of the Western Brigade.) Last October members of the 64th Illinois participated in the national re-enactment at Corinth, Mississippi with the Western Brigade and had a great time.

The Western Brigade consists of 18 infantry companies and an artillery battery ranging from New York to Kentucky to Minnesota. They attend one or two national re-enactments per year. Dues for member units are $40 per year.

This democratic organization has an executive board and a military command. They do not have a civilian contingent. They take pride in their drill and impression. They are more progressive minded - they really try to portray and infantry brigade campaigning in the field. Joining this organization will give our members a new perspective on infantry re-enacting and bring our impression to the next level.

This year the Western Brigade will be attending Perryville, Kentucky in October and next year they will be going to Mill Springs, Kentucky and South Mountain, Maryland. They are also looking to attend Gettysburg in 2008.

(update note: At the 64th Illinois board meeting in Galena the board considered and approved joining the Western Brigade. Upon payment of membership fee the 64th will be a member of the Western Brigade.)

Loaner Equipment

Within the past two months Scott Gutzke has been busy contacting various sutlers regarding the 64th purchasing extra equipment as loaner items for new re-enactors or as spare equipment in case someone forgets their own back home. Four sutlers have sent back their bids and in Galena the board considered the offers and decided to buy all the necessary items from Fall Creek Sutlery for a total amount of $576.85. Due to the cost and the number of the equipment those who wish to use an item will need to make a deposit of $5 per item ($20 for using a rifle) and will be asked to sign out the item with the officer in charge that day. The money will be refunded when the equipment is returned in good, clean condition. This equipment will be for everyone's usage, so please treat these items with respect since you don't know who will have to use them later on.

Next Board Meeting

The May board meeting will occur at the Naperville re-enactment on Saturday, May 20th, presumably after the potluck shared between the 64th and the 26th North Carolina. After such heavy feeding hopefully most of us will be able to stay awake long enough to participate.


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