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October 2004

Upcoming Events

November 13

Board Meeting, Captain Bobs, 4 pm

November 14

Color Guard at Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, IL, 9:30 am

December 4

Christmas Party

Next Board Meeting

The next board meeting will be on Saturday, November 13 at 4 pm at Bobís house. In the off-season weíre going to continue having meetings on weekends instead of Thurs. evenings as in the past. Weíll also be holding the long-anticipated raffle drawing at the November meeting.

And Speaking of the Raffle...

A BIG thank you to everyone who donated their time, money, and gifts toward our company raffle!! At the Minooka event alone, there was lots of feedback on the great, quality items we were raffling (Iíve never seen so many men drooling...). At the November meeting weíll report on the overall outcome of the fundraiser.

Rosehill Cemetery Veteranís Day Ceremony

There has been a change of date: on the website we had the ceremony on November 7; however we have been notified that the actual date is November 14, at 9:30am. Unlike previous years, this year it will begin as a larger ceremony, and will break down into smaller groups, each representing a war/conflict with soldiers buried at Rosehill. Soldiers from the Revolutionary War up to the Iraq war will be represented. Once again our color guard has been invited to attend; please let Bob know if you can make it.

Chaplainís Corner

We read in the Scriptures that those who hated Jesus tried to trip Him up, and get Him to speak treason. They asked Him - is it right to pay taxes to the government? Remember that the Romans were in control of Israel, and were hated beyond belief. They taxed property, and if the taxes were not promptly paid, the land would be sold to the highest bidder - usually a Roman, or friend of the Romans. Christ asked them for a coin - one that was used to pay the tax (there was separate coinage for the payment of Temple fees and taxes). They gave Him a Roman coin - and of course you remember that He asked whose image was on the coin, and then told us to "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's."

We have an election coming up in a few days. Religion has a big part to play in it - even though many believe that it should not. It is my opinion that this Nation gets into deeper and deeper trouble the farther and farther it gets away from God. We have no foundation on which to build our families when we exclude the Almighty from all aspects of American Life. I encourage each one of you to exercise your franchise to vote. Remember what happened in 1860 and 1864? If other politicians had been in office - we may not have needed to fight a Civil War. You owe it to your neighbors, your friends, family and to your God to vote on election day. Put the right people in office. This Nation gets what it deserves. Your vote does count.

Peace and all good things,

Chaplain Jerry Kowalski

Christmas Party!

Itís almost that time of year, when Marshall Fields has their holiday decorations waiting in the wings, waiting to take over the 80% off clearance Halloween merchandise. And so it goes...

And of course our 64th Christmas party! This year's party in on Saturday, December 4.  Bob has sent out invites; please get your money in to Bob by Nov. 20.  It's sure to be a good time (and great food) as always!


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