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February 2004

2004 Event Calendar

February 21-22 Indoor Infantry Drill/Round Rolling/Game Club/Movie Night at Dollinger Farm (Minooka, IL)
February 21 Ladies' Get-Together (Sewing) at Bob's house (Joliet, IL)
March 4 Board Meeting at Bob's house (Joliet, IL)
March 7 Potluck at Hope Methodist Church (Joliet, IL)
March 26-27 Living History at Elm Middle School (Elmwood Park, IL)
April 1 Board Meeting at Bob's house (Joliet, IL)
April 15 Unit Dues are Due!
April 16-18 Company drill at Dollinger Farm (Minooka, IL)
April 23-25 Re-enactment with the 26th NC (Unit will be Federal) at Rand Park (Keokuk, IA)

The Votes Are In…2004 Board Elections

President Bob Bierman
Vice President Ken Gough
Executive Vice President Scott Gutzke
Executive Secretary Mary Gutzke
Executive Treasurer Dianna Bierman

The Revised Constitution

At the February Board meeting, Scott Gutzke presented the revised unit Constitution. The revisions are the results of a committee comprised of Scott, Jerry Kowalski, and Marge Dernulc. The new Constitution has been voted on and approved by the Board, and is now being submitted to the membership for voting. Every member should have been mailed a hard copy of the Constitution. Please review carefully, fill out the attached ballot by voting yes or no, and send back to Bob Bierman by March 15, 2004. There is a space for additional comments; please fill this out if you voted not to approve or have anything further to add regarding your voting decision.

Military Elections

Bob has sent out nomination forms to the military members for elections. These will be the people leading you on the battlefield in the coming year—please take the time to participate and nominate those you think are qualified! Nomination forms are due back to Bob by February 29.

Dues Are Due!!!

Send in your dues for the coming year to Dianna Bierman (make checks out to 64th Illinois Company E. Y.S.S.) by April 15. As a reminder they are $10/individual or $15/family, PLUS $7 for each member for insurance costs.

Worth Reenactment

There will be a candlelight tour at the event this year on Saturday evening. Several of our civilians have volunteered to do a Dutch oven cooking and/or quilting demonstration. Ken will be doing his “Mess” as well. If anyone else would like to take part please let Bob know.


Ha! Got your attention. Since as of press time the Lockport event is a no-go, the 2nd unit potluck has been moved to the Stockton event (Oct. 1-3) on Saturday evening. The 1st potluck will still be at Naperville as usual.

Fall Out
By Ken Gough

Have You Exposed Yourself Lately?

Artwork by Amanda Gough

The worst of winter is almost over. Cabin fever has most of us firmly in its grip and we can't wait for that first event of spring. Now is the time for doing indoor demonstrations: schools, libraries, historical societies. You know, any good reason to throw on the wools. This is not the time to let your guard down, or in other words expose yourself. There's danger out there.

And its name is;


When we are at an outdoor event we all look out for toddlers around the fire, teenagers walking through the musket stacks, and kids running between the tents. We don't ever, not ever, let spectators handle weapons without one of us right there. You get the picture.

I was at an indoor presentation not long ago and saw a fellow reenactor with an open tin of caps in his display. I'm sure he didn't give it a second thought. To be fair I've known him for a long time and trust him. But oh the possibilities for public mischief.

How many of us have original bullets we like to show off? That white chalky finish on them is lead oxide and very poisonous. Go ahead and show them—either put them in some sort of container where spectators can't handle them or coat them with some kind of clear finish.

How many times have we all had someone ask to taste the food we're cooking (usually after the "Is that fire real" question). Now on top of the liability problem, if they get a bellyache anytime in the next two weeks, we've got the Health Dept. involved with permits and hand washing stations. Who needs that?

We all have knives and straight razors in our haversacks that we don't think twice about and that's fine, as long as spectators can't have the chance to hurt themselves with them. Remember Sunday morning inspection. Believe me, given half a chance, they'll figure out how.

People, let's think about what we are letting the public handle. That's a big part of the attraction of having reenactors at events like this, and I'm not suggesting that you don't let spectators handle your display, but watch them. If anyone gets hurt with any part of your display the legal wheels will start churning. Let's make sure they don't end up grinding one of us.


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