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January 2004

2004 Event Calendar

January 24 Recruiting Event at Three Rivers Public Library District (Minooka, IL)
January 31 Battalion Meeting at Moran A.C. (Joliet, IL)
February 5 Board meeting at Bob's house (Joliet, IL)
February 21-22 Indoor Infantry Drill/Round Rolling/Game Club/Movie Night at Dollinger Farm (Minooka, IL)
February 21 Ladies' Get-Together (Sewing) at Bob's house (Joliet, IL)
March 4 Board Meeting at Bob's house (Joliet, IL)
March 7 Potluck at Hope Methodist Church (Joliet, IL)
March 26-27 Living History at Elm Middle School (Elmwood Park, IL)
April 1 Board Meeting at Bob's house (Joliet, IL)
April 15 Unit Dues are Due!
April 16-18 Company drill at Dollinger Farm (Minooka, IL)
April 23-25 Re-enactment with the 26th NC (Unit will be Federal) at Rand Park (Keokuk, IA)
May 14-16 Re-enactment w/ Potluck at Naper Settlement (Naperville, IL)
May 31 Color Guard Ceremony at Rosehill Cemetery (Chicago, IL)
June 11-13 Re-enactment at Worth Park District's Historical Museum (Worth, IL)
June 26 Re-enactment at Illinois Railway Museum (Union, IL)
July 9-11 Re-enactment at Lake County Discovery Museum (Wauconda, IL)
July 30-August 1 Re-enactment (Merrillville, IN)
August 6-8 Re-enactment (Boscobel, WI)
August 27-29 Re-enactment with the 26th NC (Unit will be Confederate) at the Cascades at Sparks County Park (Jackson, MI)
September 10-12 Re-enactment (Lake Villa, IL)
September 17-19 Re-enactment (Marengo, IL or Atlanta, GA)
October 1-3 Re-enactment (Stockton, IL)
October 15-17 Re-enactment at Dollinger Farm (Minooka, IL)
November 7 Color Guard Ceremony at Rosehill Cemetery (Chicago, IL)
December 4 Christmas Party at Moran A.C. (Joliet, IL)

At the January meeting the above event schedule was hashed out. Looks like we’ve got a great year ahead of us. You’ll note that on some weekends two events are listed. This is because as of this time there are still questions on these events. We just listed both events until more information is available. Before spring these weekends will be narrowed down to just one event each.

Good Work Done

At the December 21st work meeting all the work we had hoped to do got done. Members of the 26th N.C. were there to help organize which events they will join up with us and what events we may wish to help them out. Dates will be firmed up at the next board meeting.

An inventory of the loaner gear was done and it turns out that with the donations we have received we only have to replace two sets of traps and canteens. Not bad.

We couldn’t come up with a good mid-winter event to attend so a compromise is a weekend at Dollinger Farm in the new barn. This will be a weekend of drill, war games, and round rolling on February 21-22. If you can come up with something to teach, by all means come ready to do it. Ladies, the same weekend will be a marathon Stitchen & Bitchen at Diane Biermans.

On the subject of books, it was decided by all that the books the 64th should be using are Casey’s and the P.I.E. book by DeBello. In the past we’ve used Hardee’s but now the switch is official.

Safety Tip

One of the things most of us don’t think of is the condition of the rounds we are carrying with us. Using tins in cartridge boxes will help keep rounds from jumbling around possibly getting broken and spilling loose powder. On the battlefield, sparks flying around is normal. During inspections last year we’ve noticed men who’ve removed the tins to make room for more rounds. Not a good idea guys. Also, make sure that the weather flap on your cartridge box is in good shape.

Having a cartridge box catch fire during battle may be a crowd pleaser but will without a doubt ruin the rest of your weekend.

School Programs in Danger

As of the January meeting we only have a handful of military members to help out with school programs. Right now we have enough to cover the events that have requested us. But without more volunteers we can’t take on any more. Please remember that this is going to be our only source of funds for the coming year. If you can see your way clear to help out, please contact Ken Gough to donate a day or two for this.

At the same time if you know of a school or other organization that would like us to do a presentation, forward the information to Ken to set up. Thank You.

Fall Out
By Ken Gough

How are you to handle the Sunday morning inspection if you don’t have a knapsack?

The basic technique is easy. Roll your blanket length wise and tie the loose ends together. Drop it over your head so it rests on your left shoulder with the tied ends under your right arm.

If you just have a blanket, this is fine. But if you really are on the march then you’ll be carrying a little more. Let’s try packing a bedroll for the march.

Layout the gear you’ll need:

Spread your wool blanket with the shelter half on top. Lay your shirt on the top half of your bedroll and put your socks on the lower half. Keep a gap of about a foot in the center, this is the part that will go over your shoulder. You don’t want anything you are packing to be within a foot of the ends. You’ll be tying the ends together and you don’t want anything slipping out the end and getting lost on the march.

Decision time. The Gum Blanket. Do you think it will rain today? Will it be scorching hot? If you don't think you’ll need it, fold it length wise and roll it inside the bedroll. If you think you will, there are a couple ways to pack it.

Now, roll up your bedroll, give it a twist to help hold it together, and fold it in half. Tie the ends together using the rope from your shelter half. If you will need to get to your gum blanket you can fold it a couple times and jam it into the tie at the ends. I’ve never liked this style, it doesn’t feel secure like that. The most common style was to roll the gum blanket and tie it with a couple strings to the outside of the bedroll.

The Sunday inspection has become one of the better living history demonstrations of the 64th. This season we’d like everyone to show up with either a pack or bedroll. For inspection we don’t expect you to unroll it, but you should at least have it.


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