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August 2003

2003 Up Coming Events

August 15-17 Wauconda, IL
August 22-24 Jackson, MI *
September  5-7  Lockport, IL
September  13 Wood Cutting, Minooka, IL
September 27-28 Belvidere, IL (fundraiser)
October  3-5 Stockton, IL
October 17-19

Dollinger Farm, Minooka, IL

November 9 Color Guard Ceremony – Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, IL
December 6  Christmas Party, Joliet, IL, 6 pm

* If you are planning on going to this event please let Capt. Bob or Lt. Gough know.  As of the Glenview event most of the members had changed their minds about attending and decided to go to the Galena event not on our calendar in its place.

Call for Volunteers!!

Please let Capt. Bob know if you can help out with any of the following:

64th Unit Insurance

Jerry Kowalski and Scott Gutzke have kindly investigated insurance information and costs for the unit (which was first discussed at Naperville).  We will be having a discussion on this at the meeting at Lockport on Saturday night after the meal.  Please plan on attending if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, as there will be detailed information provided.  We will be voting on this at Lockport, so again please try to attend as this will affect all members.


At the Glenview event a young man from the 104th Illinois fell in with us on Sunday.  For the battle, he left his pack and haversack in our camp.  His haversack came up missing.  In the usual scramble to pack after an event I’m sure it just got swept up with someone’s gear.  Please check your stuff and let either Bob or myself know so we can return it to him.  Thanks.

Confederate Jackets

If you would like to buy your Confederate jacket made by the ladies of the 64th earlier this year, the cost has been set at $75.  Please make checks payable to the 64th Illinois and see Diane Bierman for payment.  If you are not buying your jacket at this time, please turn it in to Diane to become part of the unit’s shared property for future events.

Thank You

A thank-you from Marge to the 64th for all their well wishes and flowers.

New Members

Welcome to new members Marc and Carla Findlay, and their children Emerson and Avery!

New Units in the Area

At upcoming events you will start to see a couple new units from our area.  The 17th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry, the 12th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and the 15th Illinois Volunteer Infantry.  The 17th is made up from members that have split off from the 26th North Carolina Volunteer Infantry, and the 15th is made up of some of our members that live west of Chicago.  Most of the 15th Illinois will carry dual membership in the 15th & 64th Illinois.  The 12th Illinois is made up of some young men from the Chicagoland area.  We wish them all good luck.

Lockport Potluck

Once again, prepare your taste buds for our second potluck of the season on Saturday evening at Lockport (September 6).  The 64th will provide the hams, and if everyone can bring a dish to pass we’re sure to have a great meal, as always.  Please let Mary Gutzke know what you can bring.  Contact her at (847) 215-2060 or e-mail roseof1861@lycos.com.

Bridge Building

The 1st Michigan Volunteer Engineers have offered to build a couple of bridges at Dollinger Farm for our event.  This will require a couple extra work days before the event in addition to wood cutting.  At this time we aren’t sure if we can come up with the necessary funds or volunteer labor to take on this task.  Please think about this and let Capt. Bob know in the next few weeks if you would be interested in doing this.

Chaplain’s Corner
By Jerry Kowalski

Who is this guy that comes in and does a burial service for one of the 64th’s own, and who is going to do a renewal of marriage vows at Minooka this October?  What is his background?  From where is he coming and where is he going?

I was born at a very early age (I always wanted to use that line), and went off to a Roman Catholic Seminary at the age of 13.  I left when I was 21, and met the girl that I married three days after I got out.  We have been married for 36 years this August 19th. We have been active in Scouting, Kiwanis, The Civil War Roundtable of Chicago, and St. Raymond’s Cathedral Choir.

Several years ago, I joined the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (as an associate member – I do not know if any of my ancestors served), and at the second meeting I attended, when asked if I would be willing to help the organization,  I made the comment, “The only position I would really be interested in holding is that of Chaplain, but Richard Housemann is Chaplain, and I know he has the job for life.”  At that point, I was told that he was dying of cancer and in a hospice.  The necessary offers and acceptance were made, and I went off to a hospice in Aurora near his home.  He was delighted that someone was there to fill his shoes; and from his death bed he laid his hands on my head and prayed that God bless me, and have me do good work, and take great joy in being chaplain.  He prayed over me for nearly five minutes, and then he dropped back – exhausted, and fell asleep. He died within 48 hours.

I wanted to be a clergyman from my youth.  Ask me sometime how that came about.  Now I have the opportunity to serve the Lord, and am grateful for it.  I try to gear my services to all denominations, and I feel that when Christ said that His Father’s House has many mansions – He was serious, and there is room for all.  I am a Christian, but when addressing other sects, I try to be forward to the friendships that will come about.  We believe that God is present in the World because of the way we are treated by others, and by the way we treat others – with kindness.

Peace and All Good Things,

Chaplain Kowalski

Fall Out
By Ken Gough

Forming up the company in the company street can be done in a number of ways.  Counting off by two’s, falling in in two ranks are a couple.  The method I prefer is “In Two Ranks Form Company.”

The way this is done is the 1st Corporal sets the right end of the line and everyone forms to his left tallest to shortest.  When this is done the command is given, “In Two Ranks, Form Company.” This is a preparatory command and nothing is done.  The next command is, “Left Face.”  At this command, the company, with the exception of the 2nd Sergeant and the 2nd Corporal will left face.  At the command “March” the man now facing the 2nd Corporal’s right shoulder will step to the left and forward ending up behind the 2nd Corporal and stand fast. The man who was behind him will step forward taking his place with the man behind him stepping to his left.  This will continue until the entire company is in two ranks.  The command “Front” is now given, then “Right Dress.”  This will align the rear rank properly.  The last command will be “In Each Rank Count Two’s.”

The advantage to this is it’s fast and in each file with few exceptions the taller man is in the rear rank and there is no need for shuffling around to get this done.


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