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July 2003

2003 Up Coming Events

July 25-27 Glenview, IL
August 7 Board Meeting, 7:30 pm at Bob’s House
August 15-17 Wauconda, IL
August 22-24 Jackson, MI
September  5-7  Lockport, IL
September  13 Wood Cutting, Minooka, IL
September 27-28 Belvidere, IL (fundraiser)
October  3-5 Stockton, IL
October 17-19

Dollinger Farm, Minooka, IL

November 9 Color Guard Ceremony – Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, IL
December 6  Christmas Party, Joliet, IL, 6 pm

Check Your Calendar

Last month the fry bread event at Belvidere was left off the calendar by mistake. It was corrected on the website within a few days but for those of you who receive a hard copy, please update your event calendars. Thank you.

Baby Announcement

The Swiderski family now has a new addition to their family. Heidi sent notice to the 64th that Emma Belle was born on May 30. She weighed in at 7 pounds and is all of a girlish 21 inches. Congratulations to Heidi and big brother Liam.


As always we are looking for members to contribute to the newsletter. You don’t have to be an expert to share what you know. Look at all the topics I stick my nose into. The next best thing would be to request a topic that you would like more information on and I’m sure a number of our members or friends would be happy to oblige. The only other option is to continue to listen to me ramble all the time (that ought to get em).

So warm up those word processors, pound those typewriter keys, or just scribble something out on the back of a shopping list. This is your newsletter, it should give you the information YOU want.


From an unnamed civilian, a recipe for one of those days that nothing goes right.

Aspirin Cake
Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Turn down TV. Remove toys from countertop. Measure 2 cups flour; get baking powder. Remove Bobby’s hands from flour. Put baking powder and salt into sifter. Vacuum mixture off kitchen floor that Bobby spilled. Get an egg. Answer the telephone. Separate the egg and warm baby’s bottle. Help Mary figure out new math problem. Grease pan. Get rid of telemarketer. Take 1/2 inch of salt from greased pan and go look for Bobby. Throw entire mess into waste basket. Call bakery and take an aspirin!


Sometime this year the 64th should pick out an event to go reb at. Either that or risk a civilian riot by all the ladies who worked so hard sewing jackets for us over the winter.

Think about it.

On the same subject, the cost of these jackets has been fixed at $75 each. Those of you who want one or have already picked one up should see Diane Bierman about payment.

Members of the 64th IL Vol. Inf. at a monument dedication ceremony at Homewood, IL on July 13, 2003.

Bentonville, Arkansas

Robert Cuevas was so upset at the cancellation of the Gettysburg event that he has been casting about for a replacement for it.  What he has come up with is the event at Bentonville on November 8-9.  What we are looking for is any members who are interested to contact him.  Robert runs a Civil War Explorer Post and as you can imagine, losing a mega event was a huge blow for them.


Whoever used the company musket last forgot to return the ramrod with it.  Please look around to see if it’s packed up with someone's gear by mistake.  If not, we’ll have to buy a new one and that's around $35.  Thanks.

Help #2

A good deal of the company equipment is in poor condition.  As you all know, we let prospective members use this equipment for their first few events.  All of us know how much we spend outfitting ourselves and know that no one can fork over that much all at once. So please, look through your old equipment and uniforms and see if there is anything you would be willing to part with and donate it to the unit chest.  Those new guys need all the help we can give them. Thanks again.

Union Report

Outstanding weather for the one day event at Union would have been enough to label this event as good.  Coupled with better than usual turnout allowing us to field a three company battalion made the day complete.  With small activities going on all day on the trains ending with a small battle that although cramped, thrilled the crowd.  Everyone went home feeling good about the day.  If you’ve never attended this event, please consider it for next year.  You won’t be sorry.

Tony Lobello and Scott Gutzke were operated on at Union.  Fortunately, both survived.

Fall Out
By Ken Gough

We have a lot of new guys joining us this season so this month we’re going to talk about Dress Parade and Dress Inspection.  I won’t go into all the commands involved as each battalion commander goes about it in his own style.  The good thing about it from your point of view is you only have to listen to the commands of your company Officer. The Officers and Sergeants are the only ones who have to know what to do next.

Dress Parade.  This is usually done by the battalion in the afternoon just before the battle.  You will be told before hand if you will need your packs or just your traps.  You will be expected to be on line in the company street with bayonets fixed, all your buttons buttoned, and your trousers unbloused.  You will have time before going onto the battlefield to reblouse if you wish.  The company will be marched to the Battalion color line where it will be inspected, the music will “Beat Off”, and orders will be announced.

Dress Inspection.  This is the Sunday morning inspection.  Done with full packs or bedrolls this starts out the same as Dress Parade.  This is an evolution we change somewhat from the Civil War.  We use this as a living history opportunity for the public to see what the soldiers carried with them.  Choose a couple items from your knapsack and lay them out for the spectators to handle.  Come prepared to spend at least an hour talking to spectators.

I hope this clears up questions regarding two of the more important drills of any event.  Both are good living history demonstrations that we don’t want any of our members to miss out on.


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